Syllabus Database

MELUS /Action Committee for Equity in Education (MELUS-ACEE) Syllabi

Martha J. Cutter
Department of English, Kent State University
Ethnic Literature of the United States
Racial Crossings
Multi-Ethnic American Women’s Fiction, 1855-1945
Contemporary Ethnic Novelists: Multiculturalism and Multilingualism

David S. Goldstein
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington, Bothell
American Ethnic Literatures

Paul Lauter
Department of English, Trinity College
Ethnic Literatures and Theories (Graduate)

Marcy Knopf-Newman
Department of English, Boise State University
African American Literature
Cultural Exchange in Transnational Literatures
The Black Atlantic Literature of the African Diaspora

Dana A. Kress
Professor of French, Centenary College of Louisiana
Literature of Francophone Louisiana 
Les Cahiers du Tintamarre and Les Editions Tintamarre

Arnold Krupat
Discipline within Global Studies: Literature, Sarah Lawrence College
Representing Indians

Elizabeth McNeil
Department of English, Arizona State University
American Ethnic Literatures
Women, Science, and Nature: Relation and Responsibility

Derek P. Royal
Dept. of Literature and Languages, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Multi-Ethnic American Literature
African American Literature
African American Literature
Multi-Ethnic American Literature
Multi-Ethnic American Literature

Margaret Rozga
Department of English, University of Wisconsin, Waukesha
Multi-Cultural Literature in America: Native American Literature
Multicultural Literature in the U.S.: Literature of the Mississippi River

José L. Torres-Padilla
Department of English, SUNY Plattsburgh
Multiethnic American Literature
Latina/o Literature in the United States