MELUS Call for Papers, The 2019 American Literature Association Conference (ALA)

Panel Topic: “‘Writing’ Wrongs: Notions of Justice and Civic Engagement in Multi-Ethnic American Literature”

MELUS invites individual papers that explore how multi-ethnic literature engages topics related to civic engagement and justice. Papers may consider literature that deals with legal and/or penal systems, but can also explore how civic engagement can promote justice (e.g.: political activism leads to more socially inclusive governing bodies/representative democracies; educational reform opens access to education for underrepresented/minority students; etc.) and also be limited by injustice (e.g.: wrongful convictions within racially-biased justice systems systematically strip ethnic minorities of the right to civic engagement).

Please send abstracts of 250 words and a short bio to Stella Setka at by January 4, 2019.