Past Conferences


  The 30th Annual MELUS Conference
“Doing the Charleston”: Performing Racial, Gender, Sexual, and Class Identities
in Multi-ethnic American Literatures and Culture
March 3-6, 2016, College of Charleston; Charleston, South Carolina
 29th-program The 29th Annual MELUS Conference
Arrivals and Departures in U.S. Multi-Ethnic Literatures
April 9-12, 2015
Athens, Georgia
Conference Program (.pdf)
2014-program The 28th Annual MELUS Conference & The Ralph Ellison Centennial Symposium
2014 Oklahoma City
March 6–9, 2014
“Going to the Territory: Cultural Geographies of Ethnic American Literature”
Conference Program (.pdf)
2013-conference-cover 27th Annual MELUS Conference
2013 Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
March 14–17, 2013
“The Changing Landscape of American Multiethnic Literature through Historical Crises”
Conference Program (.pdf)
2012-program 26th Annual MELUS Conference
2012 Santa Clara University, San Jose, California
April 19–22, 2012
“Ethnic Literatures and Transnationalism”
Conference Program (.pdf)
2011-conference-thumb 25th Annual MELUS Conference
2011 Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida
“Ethnic Canons in Global Contexts
April 7-10, 2011
2010-thumb 24th Annual MELUS Conference
2010 The University of Scranton, Scranton, Pennsylvania
“Ethnic Transformation in the Self and the City”
April 8-11, 2010
Conference Program (.pdf)
2009-thumb 23rd Annual MELUS Conference
2009 Washington State University, Pullman, Spokane
“Poetic Justice: Imagination, Empowerment, and Identity in Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the US”
April 2-5, 2009
Conference Program (.doc)
2008-thumb 22nd Annual MELUS Conference
2008 The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
“Towards a Confluence of Multi-Ethnic Arts and the University”
March 27-30, 2008
2007-thumb 21st Annual Conference
2007 California State University, Fresno
“Work, Migration, and Globalization: Contested Journeys in Multi-Ethnic US Literature”
March 22-25 2007
Conference Program (.pdf)
20th Annual Conference
2006 Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida
“Crosscurrents: Navigating the Mainland and the Margins in U.S. Ethnic Literatures”
April 27-30, 2006
19th Annual Conference
2005 University of Illinois at Chicago
“Urban Ethnicities”
April 8-10, 2005
Conference Program (.doc)
18th Annual Conference
2004 The University of Texas at San Antonio
“Transfronterismo: Crossing Ethnic Borders in U.S. Literatures”
March 10-14, 2004
17th Annual Conference
2003 Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida
“Home Place, Identities, and the Political in U.S. Ethnic Literature”
April 10-12, 2003
16th Annual Conference
2002 University of Washington, Seattle
“Pedagogy, Praxis, and Politics: Multiethnic Literature in U.S. Education”
April 11-14, 2002
2002 Indo-American Centre for International Studies, Hyderabad, India (3rd conference of MELUS-India)
“Politics of Location in the Literatures of the Americas”
15th Annual Conference
2001 Knoxville College, Knoxville, Tennessee
“Taking Stock of Multiethnic Literatures”
March 1-4, 2001
14th Annual Conference
2000 Tulane University, New Orleans
“Multiethnic Literatures and the Idea of Social Justice”
March 9-12, 2000
2000 University of Orléans, France, France (2nd conference of MELUS-Europe, now MESEA)
“Comparative Ethnicities: Europe and the U.S.A.”
13th Annual Conference
1999 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
“Migrating Bodies: Movements in Ethnic, Racial, and Gender Discourses”
March 1999
Conference Program
12th Annual Conference
1998 Howard University, Washington, D.C.
“Styling Out in American Literature(s)”
April 23-26, 1998
11th Annual Conference
1997 University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Honolulu
“Multi-Ethnic Literatures Across the Americas and the Pacific: Exchanges, Contestations, and Alliances”
April 18-20, 1997
10th Annual Conference
1996 University, Greensboro, North Carolina
April 1996
9th Annual Conference
1995 Johnson and Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island
April 28-30, 1995
8th Annual Conference
1994 Texas A&M University at College Station
April 1994
7th Annual Conference
1993 University of California, Berkeley
April 30-May 1, 1993
6th Annual Conference
1992 University of California, Los Angeles
April 1992
5th Annual Conference
1991 University of Minnesota
April 11-13, 1991
4th Annual Conference
1990 University of Illinois at Chicago
April 20-21, 1990
Third Annual Conference
1989 East Carolina University
March 17-18, 1989
Second Annual Conference
1988 University of Massachusetts in Amherst
April 16-17, 1988
First Annual Conference
1987 University of California Irvine
April 1987