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MELUS Call for Papers, The 2019 American Literature Association Conference (ALA)

Panel Topic: “‘Writing’ Wrongs: Notions of Justice and Civic Engagement in Multi-Ethnic American Literature”

MELUS invites individual papers that explore how multi-ethnic literature engages topics related to civic engagement and justice. Papers may consider literature that deals with legal and/or penal systems, but can also explore how civic engagement can promote justice (e.g.: political activism leads to more socially inclusive governing bodies/representative democracies; educational reform opens access to education for underrepresented/minority students; etc.) and also be limited by injustice (e.g.: wrongful convictions within racially-biased justice systems systematically strip ethnic minorities of the right to civic engagement).

Please send abstracts of 250 words and a short bio to Stella Setka at by January 4, 2019.

Call for Proposals, MELUS panel at MLA 2020


January 9-12, 2020, Seattle, WA

Panel Title: Intersectionality in Fantastic and/or Magical Realist Multi-Ethnic Literature

We invite papers that examine the ways that race, gender, and/or sexuality intersect in American multi-ethnic texts that might be categorized as “magical realist” or “fantastic” and that promote the notion of coalition building. Must be a member of MELUS at the time of the MLA 2020 Convention.

Deadline: Monday, March 4, 2019

Submit to Stella Setka,


Several travel awards are available: the Katharine Rodier Graduate Student Travel Award, the MELUS Graduate Student Travel Award, and the MELUS President’s Contingent Faculty Travel Award. To submit a travel award application, please email your conference abstract toKaylee Jangula Mootz, MELUS Graduate Student Representative, at and specify the travel award(s) for which you wish to apply.

Visit also the conference website, and note that the deadline for submitting a conference abstract is October 1, 2019.

Conference website: